In today’s business world an online presence is imperative for success. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only about being found in the search engines, but also being found by those who are seeking your service or product wherever they may be and whatever platform they choose.

SEO has evolved into Digital Marketing. For example, you go to a concert and see big, pink, QR code placards. When scanned with your Smartphone you are whisked to the artist’s website to instantly download their new single. Any platform, anywhere. Welcome to Digital Marketing, the new SEO.

For the small business owner, the changes are so rapid they feel constantly like they are one step behind.

At first websites were ubiquitous, and then blogs, now social media and mobile applications have been added to the mix. The industry is evolving at such a pace – it can literally take your breath away just trying to keep up.

A SEO/Digital Marketing expert can help you navigate the correct course for your business and do it for substantially less than an in-house salaried worker.

The truth is SEO is not rocket science; there are basic tenants that we all follow:

1) Define your target audience.
2) Analyze the keywords used on your website and in search.
3) Analyze your competitors and get listed wherever they are.
4) Build a blog and consistently add up-to-date, original content.
5) Create meaningful back links.
6) Leverage social media to converse with new and existing clients.
7) Create a mobile presence.

That’s it. The problem for most small business owners is: lack of expertise and lack of time to do it.

The SEO/digital marketing expert knows how to identify your target audience. They know how to optimize your website with the right keywords and phrases, so those who are searching for you can actually find you. They know how to cluster you with your competitors. They know how to create original dynamic content using your designated keywords to improve page rank. They know where your site should be listed. They know how to manage social media profiles and engage your market. Collectively, they provide new opportunities that you may never have thought of on your own.

The biggest reason to outsource though is that SEO/digital marketing is both research and labor intensive. Finding the best local directory to be listed in or finding the right people to follow on Twitter takes hours of research. Blogs need to be updated at least twice monthly if not weekly. Facebook and Twitter weekly, if not daily. For small business owners there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, therefore outsourcing is often the best option.